Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cold weather in Beijing

Beijing is windy and cold. It is about 18-20 degrees each morning and the wind chill factor makes it feel about zero. It warmed up to about 40 yesterday but the wind kept it from feeling that warm.

The apartment is very warm and cozy so we only feel the cold when we go outside.

Last night we went to a restaurant close to the apartment and had dinner with a young Chinese man who is a member of the church. His name is Archer and he is a patent expert with his company. His girl friend had to work late so she could not join us. She works with trademarks. They used to be co-workers in these related fields. He spoke good English and helps with translation in the Chinese group.

Today, we have an appointment to have lunch with a couple, members of the Sunday morning group. Then we will go to the hotel where we hold services on Sunday to meet the manager. We will go by the bank and complete the process for our bank account.

It not a tough schedule but David and Ya Ning are filling us in on a lot of things. They will show us where the markets are located. All of this is important for an easy transition.

When we begin traveling to the orphanages, I will not have as much time to write trivial stuff and we will have more pictures of the children and the workers to post of this site.

Thank you once again for your prayers.

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