Thursday, December 18, 2008

Panda Bears are buying fur coats!

Forecast next 7 days (Beijing)

Friday high: 41 °F low: 15 °F
Saturday high: 30 °F low: 5 °F
Sunday high: 14 °F low: 5 °F
Monday high: 29 °F low: 14 °F
Tuesday high: 35 °F low: 17 °F
Wednesday high: 39 °F low: 17 °F
Thursday high: 36 °F

Add Beijing's wind to that and the chill factor is even worse! We are heading South Sunday night where it's warmer for Christmas Day. We will see King on Monday, the Lord willing. We hope to work our way to Wesley's House for Christmas Day. Will report back from Beijing next weekend.

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