Saturday, December 13, 2008

Prayers requested for Jason

Jason is one of our dedicated members of the Chinese group that meets on Sunday aftrnoon. He is a very kind and good man. He entered the hospital today and will have surgery on Thursday. We ask that you pray for the success of his surgery and Jason's complete recovery.

Jason is probably in his 30's. He is married and has a child. He said he's not been feeling well for some time and his feet have grown larger. His head is also abnormally large. He's not obese but he is a larger man than you usually see among Chinese men.

From what we can determine, Jason has an enlarged (possible tumor)pituitary gland. It is located near the optic nerve so the surgeon will go in through Jason's nose to remove the enlarged portion of the gland. According to the internet, most pituitary tumors are benign. Please pray that Jason's will be so he can be assured of a quick recovery. The Pituitary gland is responsible for several different hormones, one of which is the growth hormone. Here's what the internet said about that:

Growth hormone-secreting tumours excess production of growth hormones can cause a condition called giantism. This leads to abnormal growth that is known as acromegaly. This causes enlargement of the hands, feet, lower jaw and brows, and can also lead to high blood pressure and diabetes.

Jason will need to rest and take it easy for about six weeks. He cannot work during that time. We will keep you posted on his condition.

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