Monday, December 8, 2008

Reflections with a quieter week

This week, only Ron will travel to another city. He will leave tonight by train to Zhengzhou to spend a few hours with Dr. Joshua. He will return on the train tomorrow night. There was no need for me to make this trip so it will save some money and give me time to do more work here. I also felt that I needed some rest. The apartment is very secure. Yesterday, we purchased enough groceries so I will not need to go out.

The weather in up and down. Thursday and Friday were extremely cold with a strong wind. By Sunday, it had moderated and was not bad. Yesterday, it was very pleasant walking and shopping. Cold weather pushes down from Russia and Siberia just as the U.S. receives a cold front from Canada.

There's been no rain in any of the cities we have visited for quite some time. Everything is very dusty and dirty. Cars are covered in a thick layer of dust and trees and plants are gray with dust. Some days we see a blue sky but most days there's smog in the distance.

Ron fits right in with the Chinese people. He is short and not easily recognized as an American. It's a different story for me. With my brown hair, fair complexion and blue eyes, everyone stares at me. Most Chinese women do not wear make-up so I stand out for that reason also. When the wind is blowing, I wear my white fur hat that I wore in Montreal. It is definitely noticeable in China. If anyone looks at me very long, I smile at them. Almost never do I get a smile in return.

I will never forget what Susan Swang said when she came with us on a medical mission. With people staring, she said she knew exactly how Julia Roberts feels when she walks down the street. Susan is so pretty, it could be the same situation with her, but for me, I'm afraid they are wondering who this old woman is visiting China. It's like they say about your passport picture - you don't look like you are well enough to travel anywhere!

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