Monday, January 12, 2009

Things are always changing

In regard to Ron trying to sign a contract in Yibin for an orphanage, the day he left to return home, a man drove in there from Zigong, just north of Yibin to meet Ron. He met with Jacob, our worker, and said they have several good plots of land and would be very happy for us to build an orphanage there. What a change of thinking from the people in Yibin! They came to find us to build an orphanage.

Jacob has continued to pursue the offer and see if it's suitable. Today. Jacob said they will sign a contract as soon as Ron can come to sign it. Ron tried to get them to FAX it to him, let him sign it and send it back but that's not official in China and they insist he must come there. Ron is traveling tomorrow to Chengsha to visit a hospital to check it out for the next cleft palate medical mission. If he can get tickets, he will go from there to Chongquing and Jacob will pick him up and drive him the rest of the way to Zigong.

Reading on the internet about Zigong, it is in the Province of Sichuan but outside of the area where the earthquake occurred. It has a dynasour museum, having many fossels in that area and perhaps one complete skeletin. It's also known as the salt capital with an ancient history of processing salt. They have big lantern festivals there during Spring Festival. The county population is four million. It has subtropic weather without cold winters. I really like that for the children so they don't have to spend cold winters. It probably gets hot in the summer but that usually does not bother children very much.

If this location works out, I'll confirm it on another post and tell more about the location.

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