Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two more weeks in China

David and Ya Ning are scheduled to arrive in Beijing January 28 or 29, depending on their flight from Shanghai. We have tickets to fly to Shanghai the morning of February 1. If seats are available on Delta, we will leave that afternoon for the U.S.

An e-mail from Dr. Joshua informed me that from looking at the pictures, Ha Ha's burn on his leg is first degree burns and will heal without leaving scars. Ha Ha's mother's leg is much worse and is probably a second degree burn. He told Jackie, one of our workers, what to do to care for them. Continue to pray for their wounds to heal without infection. Ha Ha's mother had put a hot water bottle in bed with them to keep them warm, but it burst because of the extremely hot water.

Our meeting with the Chinese was bitter sweet today. Some of the young people had already left the city to go home for Chinese New Year holidays. Others are leaving this week. Only one couple will be here next Sunday, but they will leave by train about noon that day. We will have an early Sunday morning service with them at our apartment before they leave. It was hard to tell these new friends goodbye. Jason was well enough from his surgery to attend today. He and his family will also leave this week to return to his home to visit family members.

Thursday and Friday were peak travel days. CCTV said 180,000 left on Thursday by train from just one of the stations. Although they added more trains, tickets are completely sold out for each train. With so many leaving the city, it seems the city would be empty, but I guess an equal amount of people arrive in Beijing to celebrate holidays here with families.

We will have a young man from the U.S. arriving on Tuesday to stay with us a few days. He is coming here to study at one of the universities. He has another place to stay with some other international students but can't get in the apartment for another week. We have an extra bedroom so the timing will work out fine for us to help him out. Christians should always help each other whenever there's an opportunity and we are happy to help Kee and give him a little of our experience about Beijing that might be helpful.

Travels are completed for us. For the two weeks remaining,, Ron will work on e-mails and we will do a little shopping. Today, the weather was very mild but another cold front is coming in on Wednesday.

We are grateful for those who have followed my blog and been interested in our trip. Please pray for the Langleys and us having safe return trips. I appreciate those who made comments on my blog, the many e-mails we recieved and we are especially grateful for your prayers

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