Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Kitchen and Dining Room to be Added

When the John Bailey family visited John Connor Brown Christian Care Center in August, they noticed that food was being prepared in a room. No kitchen facility was built into the school that now houses 56 orphaned children. Dr. Bailey asked if we could build a kitchen there. After Ronald (son of Ron and Pat Brown) completed the remodeling of dorm rooms and baths at Wesley's House, he relocated to Tiendeng to prepare for this addition to the JCB building.

It's been a slow start because much had to be done. Several people were involved in the decision about where it would be built. Bank accounts to handle the construction funds had to be opened in Pingguo. Soil borings were done to be sure the ground is adequate for the building. Drawings for the new facility have also been prepared by an engineer. Ronald drew up the design of the kitchen and dining room himself. He has experience in the food service business and knows how a commercial kitchen should be laid out and furnished.

Ronald was invited to the home of a government official for his birthday dinner. It was his first visit to a Chinese home and enjoy locally home-prepared food. He said it was very delicious. They even prepared a cake from sweet rice for him. The daugher-in-law of the official invited Ronald to come to her English class. He spoke to two high school classes and enjoyed the interchange with the children. Many of the students wanted his autograph.

Ronald has taken many pictures at the orphanages and of the countryside. The countryside is very beautiful in these southern regions. There are rice, banana and sugar cane fields everywhere. The land is flat inbetween the tall peaked mountains. Even the mountainsides are terraced in order to plant gardens. No good soil is every wasted in China.

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