Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The first children have arrived at the new orphanage. Boxes of blankets arrived and the children are settling into their new home.

More children are relocating from Yongshan. The Yongshan children have been supported by Chinese Agape Foundation for many years and now have an opportunity to move to a new home. Many of the children will not come due to their age, nearing the end of high school. Some will have to stay with old relatives to take care of them. The children that are free to relocate will have a wonderful home and a much better opportunity for a good education.

The view from the windows of the orphanage are so beautiful. Most of us wish we had a view like this from our homes. It will be a wonderful place for the 100+ children that will live in this four-story building.

Chad and Carlyn Jackson, representing the Jackson Family visited the construction site in August. They did not get to see the building in a pretty stage at that time but could only imagine how it would look. They loved the view from the orphanage. We stopped at a typical Chinese home so they could see how the children live in the countryside. A little girl was at home so they enjoyed meeting her. After visiting Zigong, Chad and Carlyn came to Chengde to the medical mission for two days. The picture was taken as they arrived for the cleft palate mission. Their company supplied several of the doctors and nurses for this mission and wanted to see them in action. Chad and Carlyn observed in the operating room one day. Chad looked like an official "Doctor" in his scrubs!

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