Monday, March 1, 2010

Grand Opening of New Kitchen & Dining Room

The new kitchen and dining room at John Connor Brown is ready. The children will have their first lunch in the new building on March 2nd, 2010.

Ronald is pleased that he has accomplished the construction of a good facility as his first major construction project in China. The new building is spacious and very serviceable for the staff and children. Most women would love to have such a kitchen.

We know the difficulties an American has working in China but even with language barriers and differences in construction concepts, it has come together to be a very beautiful place for the children to enjoy their meals. Most of all, it is a clean place that is easily washable and easy to keep clean. There are ceiling fans for comfort, floor drains for mopping floors and spilled water and more than adequate cooking equipment.

Ronald is threatening the kitchen workers with their lives if they let it get back to be a rat's den. He said he will tell them he will be back to see it and it better be kept in good order. He's proud of it so he's getting tough!

Way to go, Ronald! We are proud of the good work you are doing for our foundation but especially for the children!

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