Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dogs vs. Cats

You will really think I've lost my mind from being cooped up in a small space when you read this.  This has absolutely nothing to do with our work in China!  It is merely a sideline to our daily madness living in a motor home (remember I said before it's not an "RV = recreational vehicle" because there's no recreation to it.

As I mentioned in my last segment, campers seem to love having their pets (dogs in particular) with them.   There is a small camper next to us and this afternoon Ron told me to look out the window.  A big white dog was sitting in the driver's seat looking straight out the windshield.  I ran to get my camera to get a picture for this blog but by the time I got back, the dog had moved.  What a great picture that would have been!

We marvel at the time spent walking dogs.  People are coming in and out of their RV's and campers all day long with dogs on leashes.  Ron asked me why you have to walk dogs and not cats.  Of course, the obvious answer came from our daughter, Leigh Ann.   Small dogs have small bladders and must go to the bathroom every few hours.  But carrying this mystery a bit further (no I wasn't particularly bored yesterday) I sent an email to Ronald, our son in China. 

When Ronald was young, he kept two big dogs for a minster while the family went on vacation.  The dogs slobbered all over him several times (did you ever see the movie with Tom Hanks and the big slobbering dog?).  The dogs also barked and kept him awake.  He said he would never have dogs and he never has.  He's been a cat person all of his life.  My mother let me have cats growing up because she thought they were easier to care for so I always liked cats too.

Anyway, I knew what Ronald's answer would be but I didn't expect an email this morning with such a profound explanation of why you don't have to walk cats.  I know this is going to generate a lot of animosity among my friends that love dogs but you can send me an email and debate the subject by giving me a full reason why dogs are better than cats.   

Here is Ronald's reply: 

Cats are sophisticated and competent in life. They do not need us; they are simply smart enough to let us feel like we have domesticated them in order to get what they want and need which is shelter, food, and water. They can get these things on their own but they are not too proud to take hand outs. They are more advanced than dogs in that they know where waste should go and will even cover it up. They bathe themselves regularly and do not need to go to the groomer to have this done. The are so efficient that they can sleep and relax the vast majority of their time and still achieve their goals in life. Many people see them as aloof and unpredictable, however they simply choose to agree to our lifestyle and demands only when it is in their best interest.......ah, so smart!

For you who love dogs and cats, I'm sure their individual qualities make them all special.  

I just had to post this for my laugh of the day.

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