Monday, January 24, 2011

Wonderful day - Miserable night

Wow, the wonderful day we had on Sunday made up for the night when I could not sleep.  We awoke early Sunday morning to move the RV to the back parking lot at the College Street church in Waxahatchie (I have learned that it is pronounced "Walksahatchie").  We use up several "Senior" parking spaces where we park during the week to plug into power.  We move the RV so the older people are not inconvenienced with no parking places and have to walk further on Sunday morning.  It takes time to secure everything on the RV, unplug and get it moved.  Yesterday, the RV did not want to start because of the cold weather, so Ron had to jump it off with the car.  He will check to see if he has a dead cell in the battery.

We were at Italy, TX on Wednesday night and enjoyed our time with Christians that night.  Walter Buchanan, minister, suggested we go to Bardwell Sunday morning since we did not have an appointment elsewhere. 

Bardwell is a small town about 20 miles southeast of Waxahatchie.  What a delightful day we had there.  The 100-year-old building is beautiful.  I need to start taking my camera because I never have it when I have an opportunity for a good picture.  If anyone wants to see this church building go to http//  The congregation is mostly made up of relatives of each other but the building was full of children and people of all ages.   We were treated to an excellent Sunday school lesson from a former preacher of more than 60 years.  Unfortunately, I don't remember his name.  Charles Hodge (author of many gospel books and writer for the Gospel Advocate) preached a touching sermon.

Everyone greeted us warmly and Royann Farmer, one of the elder's wives, invited us home with them for lunch.  Charles Hodge and his wife, Helen, also went.  Following a very delicious lunch, we spent hours around the kitchen table getting to know each other, talking about the church, former gospel preachers and the interesting history of the Bardwell church.  Royann gave me a cookbook the ladies put together.  In the front of it, a history of the congregation lists many well-known gospel preachers from the past.  What a colorful and exciting history this congregation enjoys. 

Ron spoke at the Westhills congregation in Corsicana Sunday night.  We were greeted warmly by many of their members and there was a lot of interest in our work in China.  It is always good to see a large number of teenagers present and they seemed interested in Ron's presentation.  It helps young people in America to appreciate the many blessings and opportunities that are often taken for grated in this country. 

The congregation at Corsicana had a small group meeting after services and we were invited to join them for sandwiches, chips and dessert supper.  It was delicious but I make the mistake of drinking a cold drink that was not caffeine free.

We arrived back at the RV about 10 p.m. and had to move a cold vehicle back to our regular parking spot and get it plugged in.  We were very tired and although the RV was still cold, we fell into bed and got warm quickly.  Then the hours began ticking away without sleep.  The last time I looked at the clock, it was 2:15 a.m.  The caffeine had done it's trick and kept me awake for four more hours.  I was awaken at daylight by the garbage truck emptying the dumpster near us.  I didn't get much sleep after that.

Our nights in Texas are still near the freezing point (or below some nights) but the days are in the 50's with warm sunshine.  I love working with the sun streaming in on my computer.  With my cold nature, it warms my body and with my bad eyes, it provides good lighting.  Sunlight is a winter blessing that people in China do not often enjoy because of the pollution.  Anytime you have sunshine, count your blessings and thank God.

Ladies at Lewisville have a dozen or so blankets ready for us to pick up.  They plan to make 100 quilts/blankets for us.  This morning, I talked with a lady here at Waxahatchie and they will also get busy and make some for us.  Women are touched when they hear that there's no heat in the care centers.  They want the children to sleep warmly.

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