Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blue Grass Country Kentucky

We have really enjoyed seeing the beautiful fields in Kentucky.  Corn and tobacco crops are plentiful. 

With the good rain, everything is green and beautiful. 
We had a short stay in Glasglow, meeting Peggy and Donald Nims for dinner and attending church with them.  They heard Ron speak more than eight years ago so the work in China had hardly gotten off to a good start when compared with what is happening today.  We enjoyed the short time we had with this delightful couple.  I wish we had been able to spend more time hearing about their lives and accomplishments.  The drive out into the countryside to attend the Central Church of Christ was as picturesque as you could imagine.  It was too late in the day for me to take pictures and I regret that.  The drive there was up and down rolling hills with pastures and cattle, crops and beautiful homes.  It could stand up well in a contest with the beautiful ranches of Texas.   They had recently restored the 100+ year old church building that was quaint and beautiful with some stained glass and beautiful new ceilings.  The houses surrounding the church were unique and colorful.  This area is close to the historical district where the pioneers of the Restoration Movement lived and preached.   I can just imagine Raccoon John Smith living there.

We are missing Rick and Linda Clark since we left Benton.  They did so much for us!  Ron asked Linda how much it would cost to have homemade peanut butter ice cream delivered here but she said it would be as much as a shipment to China.  Today, Linda signed her email, “Peanut Butter Queen.”  This is a picture of Linda's dinner for Ron's birthday. 
We relocated to Campbellsville and are camped at Smith Ridge.  It was not easy to get to this park with the last three miles on a very narrow road (Dead End sign, which made us a bit nervous).   Here are some pictures of the park:
We have deep woods in this park and have yet to see the water (Green River, I think).  The road to the boat ramp is far away so we have not tried to walk it yet.   We have walked our camping section which is the civilized section of the park.  It’s a challenge with hills but it’s shady with huge trees.  We took the nature trail through to the other park which is the primitive area where the camp sites do not have electricity or water.  Tonight, we saw two deer run out from the woods and go up the road in front of us until they disappeared into the woods again.  There must be lots of wildlife in this beautiful forest.    
The nature trail is really great. 

Campers all along the way on the weekends. 


Over the weekend, the park was full but we are down to two campers and us tonight.  It will fill up again on the weekend.   Check out this small camper.  It's really cute but after about a week, I know I'd be ready to go home.    Our weekends are busy while everyone else is relaxing and enjoying “nature.”   On Saturdays, we catch up with washing the car, cleaning the RV, cooking and washing clothes. 
This past Saturday, I burned my wrist, letting some liquid from a crockpot of greens pour onto my arm. 

Some noise woke us at 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning.   Fireworks are not permitted in these parks but someone was shooting off fireworks until 11 p.m. in the primitive park section so we did not get to sleep early.  We got up at 5:15 and left at 6:30 a.m. to drive northeast to Mt. Sterling, KY.   We got there at 9:15 and class started at 9:30.   We enjoyed this 300+ member congregation very much.   They have a beautiful building and the people were very friendly.   Two of the elders and their wives took us to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  

In the afternoon, we drove from Mt. Sterling over to Nicholsville, filled up the car with gas at Wal-Mart and located my friend’s house.  We had about 1-l/2 hours to visit with Jocelyne, James and Jen (my friend’s daughter and her husband) and watch their precious little boys play and swim. 
Jen's youngest son took up with Ron and me very quickly.  He even called me Granma. 

Jocelyne, became a Christian in Montreal while we were doing mission work in Quebec.  We figured out that we have been friends for about 19 years.  Jen, her daughter, visited our home once when she was only a teenager.    We brought Jocelyne a birthday gift (her birthday was on Saturday). 

She had belated birthday gifts for both of us with things that are so nice.  I'm enjoying them every day and thinking of her.  I love my beautiful cup she gave me with the scripture “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13    We both need to be reminded of that scripture often!

While getting gas at Wal-Mart, Ron discovered that he left his driver’s license at home.  I drove about l/2 of the way to Mt. Sterling on the way up on Sunday morning so he could rest since we got up so early and he had to speak twice.  I told him I better drive back to the RV after service that night in Nicholasville.   We couldn’t take Jocelyne to dinner after services since I wanted to drive back before it got dark.  It was a two-hour drive with about 30 miles of very winding roads.   I have more problems seeing well at night and the lights from on-coming cars bother my eyes also.  We got back about 9:30 p.m. just as it was getting really dark. 
I always loved the countryside around Lexington, KY,  It is one of my favorite places.   Mt. Sterling is east of Lexington and Nicholsville is southwest.  It’s a great part of the U.S.   I am so happy Jocelyne can be with Jen and her family in this lovely area, especially as she recovers from the loss of her husband last November and now treatment for breast cancer. 

It was nice to meet folks at the church in Nicholsville and Jen’s family, but it was especially nice to see Jocelyne.   She and I needed those hugs we exchanged.  


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