Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On the Road Again

We spent a few days with the Hampton Road Church of Christ in Texarkana as we left Lewisville.  I spoke to the ladies Bible class last Wednesday morning and got to meet some wonderful women.  We enjoyed seeing Dr. & Mrs. A. D. Smith again but did not know they had been involved in a very bad wreck and have had a long time recovering from their injuries.

We have had a wonderful weekend at Harding University to visit people at the College Church of Christ.   We have friends here and made many more on this trip.    We attended several classes, went out to eat at various places and had fun with Lolita and Ed Higginbotham, as well as others.  It will be a little sad to leave tomorrow.

The weather has been cold again.   We could not believe that after the heavy rain storms, the temperature dipped down to freezing again.  It is slowly warming up again.

We leave Searcy, AR on Thursday, April 17th and drive to Clear Creek Park on Sardis Lake near Oxford, MS (my hometown).  Ron will conduct a leadership workshop for Chinese students at Ole Miss Friday night and all day on Saturday.   I hope to see some of my nieces and nephews but their schedule will be tight this weekend as will ours.   It isn’t the same going back home now.  My mother died in 1983.  I’ve been back since then but never drove by her house again.  I want to remember it with her in it, not changed with others there now.  I’m sure it would not look the same after all these years as they have probably updated the house and yard.  Billy, my older brother passed away many years ago and Leon, my younger brother passed away three years ago this July.  I have no aunts or uncles left so my family is getting smaller. 

We will go to Red Boiling Springs, TN after we leave Oxford.   We will probably be in that area for a couple of weeks.  I hope it will be warm by the first of May while we are there.   Our health is good.  We are doing fine as we begin our journey back east to give our yearly report to those supporting our work in China. 

Everywhere we go, we meet people sponsoring some of the children and they often tell us they pray for us and the work.  We are very grateful for everyone’s interest in our work and for their love for us and the children we support.  With this crazy world we live in, we know there are many faithful, good people in the U.S. 

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