Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Philippine Project

This is Ronald's brief statement of what he plans in the Philippines.  It will be dream come true for him and Gigi if we can get funding to building this facility for them. 

Philippine Orphanage Project


The vision:

To provide spiritual, physical, and mental health to orphan children as well as develop them to be successful contributors to society as a whole in a family atmosphere.

The leadership:

Ronald and Georgia Brown will be the main leadership in the proposed orphanage. Ronald brings many years experience in leadership roles in both foodservice & construction, as well as orphanages, has overseen 6 orphanages in China for almost 5 years. Georgia is a retired master teacher with 21 years teaching experience. Together they have the skills and experience to provide the proper care and nurture necessary to succeed in raising the children at the orphanage according to the vision.

The children:

Children will be accepted who are orphaned, abandoned, or are in serious dire circumstances.

Child Education:

The children’s education will not only be focused on biblical and school book knowledge but in global knowledge such as: self sustainability, etiquette, common courtesy, social skills, budgeting / money management, and practical life lessons. The God given talents of each child will be mentored and developed to help them achieve success. They will receive proper love and encouragement so they can develop a good self esteem and confidence.


Initial goal is to obtain adequate land area to begin development of the orphanage itself. Space to provide all the necessary elements such as housing, dining / kitchen, study / gathering area, recreation, and administration operations will be required. If additional space is available we will work toward as self sustaining a facility as possible raising food in the form of vegetables, animals, and fish. Long range goals, if space is adequate, would include a school on premises. The long range opportunities to assist the poor, less fortunate or desperate people of the Philippines are limitless.


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