Monday, June 16, 2014

Cave City, KY and Waynesboro, VA next weekend

We have had a very enjoyable week at the Singing Hills RV Park in Cave City, KY.  This park is owned by Eldon and Beth Brown, a wonderful couple that worked at Namwlanga Christian School in Zambia for three years, where Beth was a teacher.  Beth has written a book "Parenting is Rocket Science."  She gave me a copy but I have to stop by the park office to get her signature. Not that it's not already a valuable gift, but I want her to sign it for me.  Beth is a popular speaker at Ladies' events.  Eldon is a very nice and wonderful man and he compliments his outgoing wife by his gentle personality and support.  We went to dinner with them the first night we got here and had a delightful visit with them.  Ron spoke at their congregation on Wednesday night and then we visited with Eldon and Beth for a couple more hours that night.  Their office has been very busy over the weekend with campers coming and going.  The park was almost full with two scout groups here in tents all around the campground.  

The weather has been wonderful with cool nights and warm days.  It has rained enough for crops to be growing beautifully.  We also saw some beautiful gardens.  We got up early Sunday morning and drove to Campbellsville (almost an hour's drive northeast of Cave City).   After the morning service, we drove to Glasgow to worship with the South Green congregation that evening.   We had several hours to wait so we went to Walmart for a few things and to McDonald's for a milkshake.  Then we sat in the car in the shade in a bank parking lot for about an hour.   The RV was really hot when we arrived back last night after a very long day, but it cooled down quickly and we got a good night's rest.

We will catch up on things today and leave tomorrow for a very long trip northeast.  We will be in Waynesboro, VA this weekend.  We have not visited this good congregation to see some wonderful people in this area for many years.  It's a very long trip but we also need to see a man interested in our work in Roanoke, so the trip is important.    RV parks are not plentiful in these states so we will park one night in West Virginia, drive down by car to Roanoke and spend one night in a motel.  Then we will return to the RV and drive the rest of the way to Waynesboro, VA for the weekend, hoping we can park in the church parking lot that weekend.  

We talked about leaving the RV here and making this trip in the car but we have a small car that is not too safe for such a long trip.  It would cost just as much to stay in hotels and eat out as it would cost to take the RV.   We are very spoiled now with our own bed and do not sleep well in someone's home.  Many people would offer us a place to stay but it is a lot of work for them to prepare for us and we need our own space.  Packing up for such a trip is also a hassle.  We are spoiled with carrying everything with us and living out of the RV.   I tell people we are like a turtle...our home is on our back wherever we go.  

We have the long trip back to Bowling Green next week for an appointment on June 29th.  Most of the trip is on interstate highways, which is good since we have a lot of mountains in these states but we have to deal with the truckers too.  Please keep us in your prayers, especially for the next two weeks for a safe trip.

We are waiting on several potential supporters to see if they are interested in the work in the Philippines.   We pray that this will come through because we know that Ronald and Gigi will run a wonderful care center for poor children.   We hope to provide a good life for the children but a rewarding endeavor for our adult children also.

Thank you, dear friends for your support and interest in our work.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tennessee and Kentucky Travels

We had a good visit at Berry’s Chapel in Franklin, TN on their Mission Sunday.  We met a lot of wonderful people, heard about mission works in other areas, and enjoyed a good lunch and fellowship time.   It was an all-day enjoyable event. 

We were invited to a member’s home the following Monday for a luncheon with the “Lunch Bunch” group.  It was a delicious lunch and fun time with about 20 people, mostly ladies.
Later that week, we relocated the RV to Rippavilla Plantation at Spring Hill, TN.   We have stayed there before.

Rick and Linda Clark, friends from Benton, KY, came to spend Memorial Day weekend with us while we were parked at this Plantation.   They have also parked their camper there but this time they just stayed with us.   They arrived about 9 p.m. on Friday night and we enjoyed a couple of hours with them before we all camped out on beds and couches for the night.   We enjoyed a leisure breakfast on Saturday.  I had prepared pork BBQ, cold slaw, baked beans, chips and salsa for lunch.   After an afternoon nap, we went to eat Saturday night at Chop House
Restaurant in Franklin, TN
It was my birthday so we had a good dinner out that night. 
Leigh Ann sent me a delivery of Shari’s Berries.   If you have ever had them, you know what a treat it is.  Big, juicy, ripe strawberries dipped in chocolate, decorated beautifully and some covered in nuts.   It was a wonderful birthday gift from my sweet daughter.  I should have taken a picture of this beautiful treat.

I got lovely cards from our kids in the Philippines.  Gigi designed a special card for me and it was a beautiful surprise.  They also sent me a beautiful on-line card. 
After Rick and Linda left on Monday to go back to Kentucky, I began cleaning and doing laundry.  The rest of the week we went to the Spring Hill Library each day and did our computer work.

We relocated to Bowling Green, Kentucky this week.   We are parked at Potter Children’s Home and enjoying a delightful stay here. 

We are coming into their office to work and use their internet each day.  We arrive at 8 a.m. for their morning devotional.   We are really enjoying the wonderful employees for this children’s home.   They do a wonderful work.  They also have a few expectant, single mothers living here.   They do not take government aid so they do not have the many restrictions that other orphanages now endure.   Some of their buildings are 100 years old when this was first a school and later became a children's home with many individual homes with house parents and children.

Last night, we went to a Mexican restaurant with two couple (elders at University Heights C of C).   Some of them work at Potter.   Ron gave a report to their congregation and just as he finished, someone with a smart phone announced that we needed to get to the basement.  A tornado was spotted about l/2 mile away.  We stayed downstairs until the warning was lifted.  Apparently, it never touched down but it was a direct threat for a while.

We met an American man and his Filipino wife last night at the congregation.  It was surprising that she is from Gigi’s hometown and the couple married in the city where Ronald and Gigi are now living.  They were so surprised.  It is a small world sometimes.   What were the odds of us meeting them and having this connection?
We will be here through Sunday and on Monday, we will relocate to some other city in Kentucky.  Ron is working on setting up appointments so I don’t know the plans for the rest of the month.