Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nobody is Somebody in China for a Short Time

Not many Americans visit the cities we work in so the average Chinese on the street finds us very fascinating. Of course, Ron and I dress our best to gain the respect of the people but it may also lead strangers to think we are VIP's. Everyone at the Changde hospital treated us with admiration for what we are doing for children in their province and all over China. They escort us everywhere and see that our comfort is their duty. We were treated to excellent meals and offered every possible accommodation to make our visit pleasant.

I told Ron I feel like "Queen for a Day" when I'm in China. This picture proves my status, if only for a moment! This is part of the furniture in the lobby of the hotel where the medical team will stay in August.

At the hotels, the bell boys escort us to the elevator to get the elevator for us. I'm shocked to see so many young people working in the hotels, restaurants and airports. They are all very young and most do not look like they could be through high school much less working. They are all polite and helpful. We have learned that if we need directions or any help with anything, some of these young people are always willing to help.

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