Friday, July 15, 2011

Snakes, Bimbo and Desert Heat

We have had several weeks of days 100 degrees or more with no rain.  The ground is literally cracking open.  Grass is quickly turning brown and plants look a bit wilted.  The golf course is the only thing that's being watered.   A three-foot long snake slithered across in front of me in the grass in the park the other day.   I wasn't prepared to see it with the grass cut very low.   He was heading very fast so I really didn't feel any threat although I am probably as fearful of snakes as I am of some people.   I take my MACE with me when I use the bathhouses or go for walks alone.  I just feel it's the best thing to do to protect myself from some weirdo that decides to find a victim in a park.  I think snakes are out looking for water.  I don't know how the poor squirrels and other creatures make it during droughts. 

Due to the hail storm the middle of June, roofers fill the RV park with their campers and trucks.  The park is almost full.  I forgot to tell you about the weirdest little camper ever.  Check out these pictures:  

Workers apparently follow storms and replace roofs after a hailstorm.  We certainly have a lot of workers occupying the park camp grounds right now.  With these temperatures, I don't know how people live in the tents and Nimrod campers, but we have a few here all the time.  We can hardly stand the heat to walk to the car to go somewhere.  RV's are usually occupied by old people.  I tell people that owners of RV's have money (to buy some of the really nice ones we see) but they are so old they have lost part of their brains.  Why would they leave a beautiful home to stay in a motor home that sits in the hot sun in an RV park?    I guess there are campers anywhere from $15,000 to $250,000 parked here.  I told Ron you could stay in a lot of Holiday Inns and have room service for what they pay to camp.  We do it for a different reason (having to travel all the time to raise funds).  I understand Ron's reasoning but not the others.

There are boaters out on the lake and golfers out even in these temperatures but for the most part, people just stay inside.  If I had a home somewhere, I'd just pack it up and go home or drive to a cooler part of the country.  I surely would not come to Texas in the middle of summer. 

We have a wild looking camper next to us now with a younger couple.  A big boat is parked in front of their camper but so far, the boat has not been taken out on the lake.  The girl is a classic "bimbo" with bleached blond hair, short skirts and spike high heels.  She went out to her car this morning in a short terry cloth wrap and her spike heels.  Everyone else has on shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops but not her!  She's different from the rest of us. Most other campers are old and can hardly make it up the steps of their campers much less wear high heels.    If they are still next door, I don't know if Ron will be ready to leave here next week or not!  Ha Ha  

Since we came back from China, we can't sleep past 4:45 a.m.   We get up about 5:00 check our email before going for a walk around the lake.  It is daylight (barely) about 6 a.m. and we head out to get in a walk before the heat is too unbearable.  It is still about 85 degrees that early in the morning. 

Jetlag and the heat has zapped us the past 10 days.  We thought our one night stop over in Detroit would help but this time it's taken us longer than ever to get back straight.  By 6 p.m. we can hardly stay awake and pushing ourselves to keep going, we try to stay up until 9 p.m.   I am asleep by the time my head hits the pillow.  I sleep 7-8 hours but go through the same routine the next night.   Maybe I'm in a pattern now and it will be this way the rest of my life!!

We have been busy trying to catch up our computer work, get repairs done on the RV and car because of the hail damage and take care of many other things in this area before we begin traveling again.

I will continue my post next week.  It's 8:15 p.m. and I'm winding down again.  I feel like a toy that's been wound up and now on the last movement before stopping.

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