Saturday, December 27, 2008

Update on Jason's health

Last Saturday, Ron visited Jason in the hospital. It was the day after surgery and he was still not feeling very well. He had many family members with him so Ron did not stay long and did not find out about his condition. Ron called him yesterday and he was getting ready to leave the hospital to go home. He said he was doing much better. We do not know the results of the surgery but hope that it was successful and he will be O.K.

Jason will be off from work for several more weeks and unable to attend our group meeting on Sunday afternoon. The Chinese group will start meeting this week at a restaurant meeting room. They require that we order a meal after the meeting, but do not charge rent for us to use the room. Food is very reasonable so it will not be much cost. For those who cannot pay themselves for a meal, we can surely cover the costs. We have all single workers in this group except for Jason, who is married and has a child.

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