Saturday, January 17, 2009

Contract signed in Zigong for new orphanage

Ron arrived home a very tired but happy man. The people who came to Yibin looking for Ron last week are also very happy. They have four different locations available and those sites are still being evaluated to narrow it down to the best for our purposes. The location is north of Yibin. Jacob, our construction superintendent, will do all the work to find an architect, get soil borings and whatever else is needed in the preliminary stage before construction can begin. Jacob's wife and little son live at Wesley's House until he can settle in enough for them to move there to be with him. Jacob and his wife would really like to be the directors of this orphanage when it is ready to open.

The government officials had already scheduled a trip for Ron to see the dinosaur museum. He said it is fantastic and you cannot imagine the size of the skeletons. They unearthed the skeletons and built the museum around them. There are also petrified turtles and crocodiles there. They said this area used to be a lake and it is believed a big flood killed all of the animals. They do not know how many more bones are in the area, believing a lot of them washed down to this area during the flood.

They also took him by the salt mine, for which this
is well-known. They go down something like 8,000 feet to bring up the salt. In addition to a big dinner and lunch, they paid for his five-star hotel and furnished him a driver for the three hour ride to the airport at Chongqing, which is the third largest city in China. So many of these cities are unknown by Americans even through they are very large and famous with history. Ron has traveled to many cities that most Chinese people have never visited and do not even know.

I will close this segment with relief. After six months of searching and negotiations, we have finally settled on where to build the Jackson Family Foundation Christian Care Center!

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