Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

In spite of cold weather and both of us fighting a week-old sinus infection, we still had a wonderful Sunday. Most of our Chinese group had to work this Sunday. They had January 1, 2 and 3 off for the New Year holidays but had to go to work on Sunday (a six-day work week for them). Only one girl in our group came for the afternoon meeting. She had already told Ron that she was ready to "get fully wet." Ron studied with her for about an hour, then we prepared the bathtub full of water for the "burial." Afterwards, we had communion, sang some songs and studied for another hour. Her English name is Echo. Echo has attended the group with David and Ya Ning and she also attended one of our groups while she lived in Xi'an a year or two ago. She knows many of the people we know in Xi'an. She is quite and shy, but very sweet. She feels comfortable in our presence and is getting close to us.

About 6:30 p.m., two young people who had to work all day came to our apartment. Mable served as translator for "Super" who can speak some English. "Super" said he chose this name because of Superman. After an hours' study, Super also wanted to get "fully wet" so we had our second addition to the Lord's church on Sunday. He had been sprinkled in the Three Self church, a government-approved religious group but he said it has always bothered him feeling that sprinking was not what the Bible commanded. Mable has already been baptized properly so she was in full agreement that he needed to do this. She was very happy to serve as tranlator and help her friend. She took some pictures for Super.

It is interesting how some contacts have made made since we arrived less than two months ago. About two weeks ago, Ron met with a man who runs a charitable company supplying hospital equiment to hospitals. Ron wants to ship some equipment donated by Project Cure and needed someone to clear shipments into China. When Ron met with this man, he and a group of his workers took Ron to dinner at a seafood restaurant. Ron came home saying how surprised he was when they offered a "blessing" before the meal. That is not often done in China.

The next day, one of the girls, Mable, called Ron and said she wanted to meet with him. He met her and had lunch with her, expecting a lot of questions. She just confirmed that she is a Christian and was happy to know him. She said she wanted to meet me too so we invited her the next night to join us at a restaurant for dinner. Last Sunday, she came to our afternoon meeting and brought her roommate, Maggie. Maggie does not speak much English so Mable translated quietly for her. Maggie is interested in learning and had several questions for Ron.

Mable called Saturday and said she and her friend would like to come over. We expected Mable to bring Maggie with her, but it turned out her friend this time was Super, a young man who works with her. Ron spent some time showing them on the computer about our work in China and then had a study with them. I cooked dinner while they were studying. They both had good appetites and said my Chinese cooking was very good.

Super bought us a sack of fruit when he came last night, saying he wanted to give us a gift. He is a very nice young man and left our apartment very happy and thankful for his new life in Christ. We look forward to seeing these wonderful young people at our Sunday group meetings the rest of the time we are in Beijing.

Jason, who recently had surgery, is feeling much better and hopes to be back with us next Sunday. Please pray for these fine young people because they are His great servants in China for future generations.

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